End of Term Disco & Magic Show

What better way to end the term than with a disco and magic show!

The School Disco, Games & Magic show starts as soon as they arrive; with disco lights, bubbles and a professional stage set up so the children know they're going to have an amazing time.

Steve will engage with the children, he will be out on the dance floor teaching moves and not stuck behind the music deck.

This approach helps children to really enjoy themselves and also sets up Steve's personality for the magic show to come - they're already friends and Steve can dive straight into the magic show in the knowledge that everyone is relaxed with his unique personality and the show can really take off in terms of interaction.
steve with a group of end of term revellers

Running order of events

Disco and party games. Prizes thoughout and special prizes for the runner up and best dancer.

Small break for food & drink.

Steve's award winning Laugh a minute magic show to finish the party. Lots of audience participation with the children being the stars of the show and looking like real magicians.

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About Steve

Steve has performed in schools around the country for more than 10 years.  He is always in demand and has a constantly changing repertoire because he always gets asked back.
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Phone: 0800 612 6366

Email: info@steve-sausage.co.uk


Steve guarantees that your school will have the best time, whether it is a show, workshop or disco you can be assured that your pupils and staff will be amused, amazed and thoroughly entertained.