Nursery & Preschool Graduation Day

During their time at preschool or nursery school it is amazing how much children grow and learn and their last day should be just as significent.

A graduation day is a great way to celebrate the beginning of new school experiences that will be coming their way. The children are taking with them all the accomplishments they have shared with teachers and friends and those experiences are worth celebrating.

Steve Sausage understands the graduation isn't about the parents and is focused on the children so he involves them right from the start making sure that they have another experience they will take forward with them onto the next stage.
Steve came to are play school to entertain 3-4 yrs did a fantastic job they all had a great time and kept them fully entertained.

Park Hill Playgroup - Somersham End of term show

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So we Used Steve for a pre school graduation and we used him last year and once again he didn't fail to surprise us

Had children laughing parents laughing it was fantastic would highly recommend him

Bright Horizon - Clarkson Road

About Steve

Steve has performed in schools around the country for more than 10 years.  He is always in demand and has a constantly changing repertoire because he always gets asked back.
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Steve guarantees that your school will have the best time, whether it is a show, workshop or disco you can be assured that your pupils and staff will be amused, amazed and thoroughly entertained.