School Fetes & Fun-Days

Entertaining at a school fete or fun-day is quite different to a normal performance; there are lots of other activities to compete with and if you don't get the right type of entertainment you could be left with an empty performance area.

Fortunately Steve Sausage has a lot of experience and with a few crowd raising ideas can encourage and create his own crowd.

If you are raising money for your school then a workshop would be a great idea, for a small fee or included within the fete entrance fee you could offer a magic or circus skills workshop. Workshops are always popular and the chance to learn from a professional like Steve Sausage is a definite winner.

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About Steve

Steve has performed in schools around the country for more than 10 years.  He is always in demand and has a constantly changing repertoire because he always gets asked back.
See the testimonials around the website for honest unsolicited feedback.


Phone: 0800 612 6366

Email: info@steve-sausage.co.uk


Steve guarantees that your school will have the best time, whether it is a show, workshop or disco you can be assured that your pupils and staff will be amused, amazed and thoroughly entertained.